What is the biggest killer of relationships? Money? Job? Illness?

Of course these factors may have an influence. However the key reason relationships fail is Poor Communication.

I’m sure you have seen many breakdowns in relationships and families. You may have friends who don’t seem to get on with their children, their partner or may be going through separation or divorce. There are always lots of reasons why things aren’t working out. But the fundamental element missing will be honest, and open communication.

I’m sure you have seen that the impact of breakdowns does not stop with just the individuals directly involved. It affects extended family members, friendships, work, mental and physical wellbeing. Then of course there are the financial implications and costs involved if divorce follows, not to mention the logistical management when children are involved.

Sometimes separation or divorce can seem like the only option, however, there is stress and anxiety involved in taking that step. Is it the right thing to do? Will life be any better? Will I find anyone else? How will the children cope? Will they be scarred for life? Will they still love you?

In other situations, divorce is not an option, so people survive marriage and family life. This can be as damaging for all those involved as divorce, as the costs in terms of happiness, satisfaction, mental and physical health can be huge.

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Everyone wants to be happy. Don’t you?

This is probably the one universal desire we all have, and yet often the most illusive. It doesn’t matter whether you have specific ambitions or goals to be successful in business, or have a fabulous family and the most fulfilling and meaningful relationships, underlying all of these is the undeniable wish to be happy.

So what is the key to being happy? Most of us change our external circumstances, new job, new relationship, new house etc to have a brief glimpse of happiness. Yet we all can relate to “happiness comes from within”. So why do we continue to look outside of ourselves.

Inspiring Choice offers YOU the unique opportunity to look within and find the your true source of peace and happiness. Through discovering what holds you back and gaining a different perspective, you will gain clarity and freedom to make powerful choices that are both inspiring and fulfilling, and ones that work for you and the people around you.

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Being a woman in business holds numerous challenges. Not only are there all the ‘business’ bits to deal with, but there is also the trying to achieve the right work-life balance we all seek. When you add in the juggling of family commitments too, it can soon occur as overwhelming and you may be left wondering “Is it worth it?”

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